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Are you worried you may have mold and mildew in your residence, work environment, or other structure? If you are concerned about the presence of mold and mildew, or if a home inspector or other contractor has informed you about mold and mildew, you may want to arrange an inspection with Healthy Home Mold Inspection Vernon Hills. Below is a quick description of what we do throughout a typical assessment:

Visual Examination Process

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The preliminary step in figuring out a possible mold and mildew problem is the visual assessment. Throughout this stage, we be looking for three elements: evidence of water leakage or intrusion, visual indications of of mold and mildew development, as well as areas with a potential for mold development in the future. An assessment will encompass the interior living space, attic, basement along with the crawl space or storage areas. The exterior of the dwelling will be inspected for signs of water damage or or structural problems that might lead to moisture seepage into the dwelling.

Direct Mold Testing

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Direct testing is used to assess mold and mildew varieties on an area.

This method is useful in determining if you have mold and mildew in locations where there is discoloration or other signs of mold-like conditions. If you have mold and mildew in areas where there is discoloration or other signs of mold-like conditions, this strategy is beneficial in figuring out if the substance is mold. For this sampling technique a clear tape or swab sample is used to gather mold-like material. Material accumulated on the tape or swab can then be evaluated with a fungi screen or culture by an independent laboratory.

Mold Air Sampling Procedure | Mold Inspection Vernon Hills

Mold Inspection Air Quality Test Vernon Hills IL


Air sampling is the most reliable techniques for finding out whether mold is present in a particular place. Our test utilizes an air sampling cassette. Air quality is analyzed by using a device that draws air across a glass slide. The slide is then sent out to an independent laboratory where the spores are classified by type and counted. An exterior control sample is taken to establish a common mold count in your area on the day the mold tests are taken.

Translating your Laboratory Results

Vernon Hills IL Mold Inspection Report

The independent laboratory will send us the report of your mold screening samples, which we will then discuss with you and provide you a copy. The details we give to you from the mold testing will include information like the type of mold, how much mold and mildew is present, description of the mold and mildew characteristics and issues, comparison of mold and mildew quantities found compared to “regular” quantities of mold found in your geographic area, and so on. We do far more than notify you “you have mold and mildew.” We also include a written report identifying the causes of the mold and the best ways to do away with it through mold remediation and mold removal approaches.

Mold Remediation Recommendations

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When we make you familiar with the results of the mold tests, you will be the one to select exactly what to about the mold issues. We will give you a written suggestion of steps you can take yourself to eliminate the mold, or suggest a mold removal protocol if you choose to hire a mold removal business. We can also carry out post mold remediation testing to make sure your home has been correctly cleaned by the mold removal service.


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