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Mold Inspection Waukegan IL

Are you concerned you may have mold and mildew in your Waukegan IL house, office, or other location? If you are concerned about the presence of mold and mildew, or if a house inspector or other contractor has notified you about mold and mildew, you may want to arrange for an inspection with Healthy Home Mold Inspection Waukegan. Below is a short introduction of exactly what we do throughout a regular assessment:

Visual Evaluation Process During a Waukegan Mold Inspection

The preliminary step in identifying a possible mold and mildew problem is the visual assessment. Throughout this phase, we be looking for 3 aspects: proof of water leakage or intrusion, visual indications of of mold and mildew development, as well as areas with a potential for mold growth in the future. An examination will cover the interior living space, attic area, basement in addition to the crawl space or storage area. The exterior of the dwelling will be inspected for indicators of water damage or or structural weaknesses that might result in wetness seepage into the dwelling.

Testing for Mold: Direct Mold Testing

Mold Inspection Waukegan IL

Direct sampling is employed to identify mold and mildew varieties on a surface area.

This technique works in figuring out if you have mold and mildew in areas where there is staining or other signs of mold-like problems. If you have mold and mildew in areas where there is discoloration or other possible mold-like conditions, this strategy is helpful in identifying if the substance is mold. For this sampling technique a clear tape or swab sample is used to collect mold-like material. Product accumulated on the tape or swab can then be evaluated with a fungi screen or culture by a Waukegan IL independent laboratory.

Mold Air Sampling Tests : Another Waukegan IL Mold Inspection Tool

Waukegan IL Mold Inspection Air Quality Test

Air sampling is the most reliable approaches for determining whether mold is present in a particular location. Our procedure uses an air sampling cassette. Air quality is analyzed by using a device that draws in air across a microscope slide. This sample is then sent out to an independent laboratory where the spores are organized by category and counted. An exterior comparison sample is taken to develop a normal mold count in your area on the day the mold tests are taken.

Interpreting your Waukegan IL Mold Inspection Report

Waukegan IL Mold Inspection Report

The independent lab will send us the report of your mold testing samples, which we will then go over with you and supply you a copy. The details we provide to you from the mold test will contain information like the kind of mold, quantity of mold and mildew exists, description of the mold and mildew features and issues, contrast of mold and mildew amounts discovered compared to “regular” quantities of mold located in the local Waukegan IL area, and so on. We do far more than inform you “you have mold and mildew.” We will write a guide determining the causes of the mold and ways to do away with it through mold remediation and mold removal strategies.

Mold Remediation Recommendations

You will be the one to choose exactly what to about the mold issue when we make you aware of the outcome of the testing. We will offer you a written outline of steps you can take on your own to remove the mold, or suggest a mold remediation protocol if you decide to employ a mold removal company in Waukegan IL. We can also perform post mold remediation screening to ensure your house has been properly cleaned by the mold removal service.

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